TRADITIONAL VALUES…. Do they exist???

Today we see cricketers as superstars or celebrities but we never know who is in the spot fixing scandal just like Shreesanth was. We build bridges,improve airlines to connect between countries across the globe but our own families are falling apart. We are so influenced by the foreign culture that we forget to respect our teachers parents but if a girl wears a short skirt and roams on street she is raped… is this the India where you want to live where girl is not safe, government is corrupt, no bonding??? No , i don’t. This is not the country that the revolutionists wanted. they gave us the freedom of speech,right to equality and most important independence  but they never gave us independence to use unfair methods to pocket money, to harass somebody, disrespect or judge anyone’s character. India is and was always known for its moral values and ethics . where is it now??? Being honest ,respectful doesn’t mean you are out of the league. Moral values build your character,enhance your personality and will ultimately help you achieve success. The one with right set of values is always a better judge . We can all make India the ideal country if we just change our attitude.Raising our voice against injustice, not giving much importance to glamour, respecting others and not be indulged in any illegal practice will definitely help in the same. A small step from our side will surely make a big change. So wake up get up there is till some time left to be the change we want to see.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Nidhi says:

    Hmm it’s nice 🙂 Keep it up!

  2. Navina says:

    Nicely written

    1. saloni says:

      thanks a lot 🙂

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