There is a question coming in my mind ,

that am i safe here??

with rape, harassment and incidents of  all kind

make me feel insecure in my own country which is not fair


i m not the only one

there are hundreds of girls behind

those culprits think it as fun

but it is a torture of our mind


may it be Delhi case or any other case

every victim wants to live her life

but due to this bad unjust phase

their dreams are cut like a cake cut by a knife


now i am scared to go out at night

and see everyone as bad

after all this is height

to make so many families rather girls feel sad 😦


so let us come together

and change the mindset of people

to drive this problem out forever

as quickly as ripple…..


One Comment Add yours

  1. swajithkas says:

    You will certainly like this, Am I right????????????????
    Eagerly awaiting your presence………….

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