We always have desires or wants in our lifetimes.These desires can vary from materialistic things like chocolates,tabs to intangible things like happiness,peace and so on. But have we ever wondered how do these things surface in our mind? i will give one example and we will clearly understand the concept behind this. Thomas alva edison realized that a source of light was necessary as in his times after sunset all work stopped. Moon was the only source. This need of light resulted in invention of bulb. So its clear that we have a desire when we have a need of it.We realize the need when we are deprived of it. Until and unless we realize the pain of grief then we will feel the joy of happiness. When you taste the medicine of failure only then you will realize the significance of success. This is one of the golden rule of our lives. The cruel treatment of british made us realize the importance if freedom and independence. Thats why it is necessary in life to face all odds no matter how much painful or cruel it is. Dont sit back or crib but fight for it.Crying will put you in the pit of depression but fighting it will take you to the staircase of strength and success.

DONT crib or grieve but BE happy and hopeful


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  1. Great Blog article. I liked the message. Keep up the good work!

    1. Saloni says:

      Thank you

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