We live in a fast growing and modern world with advanced technology but at the same time there are many flaws in our society which instead of depreciating are increasing day by day. These blemishes include all time hot topic corruption, heart throbbing crimes like rape, discrimination on the basis of gender, caste or religion, child marriages, aborting girl child etc. etc. however if we study any survey it clearly shows that most of the times the crimes or malpractices are done in rural area. Have you ever wondered why? It is because they lack in good quality edified education. Textbook learning teaches us about our society, nature but not about ourselves. That’s where the need of edified or improved education in moral values is felt. Its edification in education which infuses moral values, enhances our character and personality, broadens our mindset, modifies our way of thinking, and helps us to understand the idea of freedom and equality, enlightens us to respect other person’s feelings, thoughts and opinions. If we the future citizens and governors of the country can inculcate such ethics then all the errors in our country can be rectified. A single step in improving education can make India the dream country we all desire for because

The strength of paper and pen is powerful than any other weapon ever created because weapons are outcomes of human intelligence gained through education.”




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