Education doesn’t only mean bookish knowledge. It means awareness about our surroundings. The study of facts, climate, and geography encourages international peace and understanding.

Education helps us see the mistakes made by our forefathers. It tells us not to repeat them again. The Hiroshima incident still has various consequences. Generations after generations are born with disabilities. Observing these disastrous effects a treaty was signed in UN which bans the rule of nuclear weapons in war. Thus education of one incident led to global peace.

In 1991 the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh introduced new fangled policies in India which are globalisation, liberalisation and industrialisation. These policies not only generate employment but increased understanding between various nations. These strategies strengthened relationship among countries leading them to enter in a friendly negotiation rather than mere competition. Education broadens our mindset, it makes us sensitive towards people’s concerns. Thus resulting into reform plans.

Everyone crave for healthy environment. Temperature variations, rainfall patterns are affected globally. One realm alone can’t change it. For example- global warming is due to excess carbon emission. US declared that it would reduce carbon contents by 2020. Followed by this example many nations are applying the same theory. This will result in better surrounding thus a better place to live in. education helps you to identify a problem and also gives you a solution. When many countries come together to attain a common objective, it strengthens their understanding. Hence education tells us about mistakes, broadens our frame of mind and ultimately results in international peace and understanding.



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