The secret behind the rusty gates !! 


Somethings are left unspoken 

Some secrets die out 

Some emotions are buried within 

Some words never reach out 

But these hidden things cant be explained 

But understood by the person its meant for 

But hardly anyone can analyse it 

Coz its hard to solve the mystery 

Behind the rust gates of that silent garden 

But these words are precious 

The one who sensitizes it is the one who gains

Silent garden is loud 

Because rust show it’s was for long

And that garden was saved from drought 

Coming in is not what it needs

Letting water beep in is all it needs

Thunder it is which strike the garden every night 

Surrender it is which keep the garden alive as

The tears saves the garden from drought upright


People see the rusty gates and move 

Some try to move in but still stay blue

Garden look the rusty gates to let someone let in 

But garden doesn’t know that there is another way to it 

That’s y mysterious garden all it seems 

Thunder is the pain to the garden 

Because it makes garden rain the tears 

Thunder is the villain in the garden because garden thinks in night that makes surrender the grains 

Thunder is what it takes to keep the garden alive 

Thunder is what it takes to water the life Of the alive 

Thunder is what it needs to stronger the richness of grains

Because thunder is the another way to the mysterious garden which see garden every day and night from the sky 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. aayushman says:

    this one is really nice saloni I think u need to find that mysterious garden

    1. Saloni says:

      The search is still on

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