She knows 

There was a girl. Lonely and quiet 

With too many queries in her mind 

No one to solve, no one to understand 

She never got to know the reason behind those fights of her parents 

She never understood why her father was adamant and why her mother always used to bend 

Neither she understood the reason of that uncomfortableness behind that touch 

Nor why she was asked to be silent 

Time passed

She left her childhood behind 

Became aware of her surroundings 


She found the reasons behind those fights 

Understood why her mother used to leave her freedom behind 

Just for the sake of family’s peace of mind 

She understood the adamant nature of her father was nothing but a way to show his power 

She now knew the reason behind that forced silence and that wrong touch 

She got the answers 

But the silence and confusion turned into tears 

Tears of anger,grief and agitation 

But she knows that the harder one pushes makes one rise more high

She wont forgive but rise higher

She knows how to fight it all 

She knows 

She knows 


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Harsh says:


    1. Saloni says:

      Well came from heart 😥

  2. Nams says:

    An inner turmoil of girl. There times where she not just have to fight the world but also herself. Those ties that hold her back from flying. A girl really needs to go through a lot. There is no one to tell her why. Why is it always that girl has to be epitome flexibilty, understanding and silence. Let her live.

    Your words touched my soul. Every bit represents a girls struggle and her quest.
    As beautiful as it is, only a girl knows the real feelings behind those words!

    Keep writing.
    Nams! 🙂

    1. Saloni says:

      Thank you so much for understanding the depth if these words . Nothing can give me more happiness than my readers living my expression. Thank you so much once again☺️

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