Lying on the bed with blanket covered on her face 

So that nobody can see

Those red eyes 

Those wet cheeks  

So nobody can know that she isn’t sleeping but realizing 

That a part of her is gone 

Not because she doesn’t know herself 

But because she could not take it 

She could not take the bias ness of people around 

She didn’t have the courage to see her dreams shattering in front of her 

She couldn’t bear the loss of someone she loved 

She couldn’t bear the pain of growing distances with people she lived for 

She is done with this selfish world 

So she is gone

Far away from the materialist world 

She is gone 

Bearing all pains that come her way 

She is gone 



And ever 


4 Comments Add yours

  1. aayushman says:

    exactly my story thanx saloni for this one

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