Rooted dreamer 

My life is like this tree

Rooted at one spot 

But desires to explore and be free 

Yet there are many wars yet to be fought 

Problems maybe like the harsh winter cold

White snow is all what is there 

Such situations with no possible situations mould

Me into a different person and made me loose a part of me somewhere

At one time tree is all dry

After all its summer hot

In such situations i loose hope and cry

Coz they hurt me the most and i find it difficult to be fought 

But once the flowers bloom and freshness all around

As its pleasant coz its spring

With no problems and difficulties to be found

Happiness is all what it can bring 

No matter what the condition is 

The tree stands straight with branches growing full of struggle and sorrow

Aim to hold all opportunities so it stands no chance to miss 

To achieve all dreams and desires for a better tomorrow



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