Unfulfilled wish 

When I was a kid he used to

Cuddle me like a teddy bear

Make me fly like an airplane

Play with me like a toy

Caring as always

As time went by we grew

Me as a silent girl

He as the best brother


Saving from all the dangers


Making all birthdays special


Having solution of what not problem


Working hard to achieve his dreams
I never imagined my life without him

But god had another plans

My brother is now my angel

I miss those late chatters when mom used to scold us to sleep

I miss him teasing me all through the day

I miss his driving when he used to take for long drives

I miss the movie shows we saw together

I wish i could tell him

How much I loved him

That he is the best brother

I wish I could sing his favorite song to him

I wish I could have got more time with him

I wish

I wish 

I wish 


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  1. bhavpreet says:

    i miss my sis dear … its life … what is today wont be tomorrow . so enjoy today …

    1. Saloni says:

      True and i am very sorry to hear that 😦

      1. bhavpreet says:

        she isn’t dead but we don’t talk to each other .. its been 2 years ..

      2. Saloni says:

        Oops sorry again . Then talk to her

      3. bhavpreet says:

        not possible dear ….

      4. Saloni says:

        Why is that?

      5. bhavpreet says:

        coz i know she won’t and also she doesn’t need me in her life and we both are different and also we are cousins , so to her i am of no importance.

      6. Saloni says:

        Well thats what you think. I am telling you the time you with your siblings is the best time. You just tell her that you miss her because you never know what happens tomorrow . I think you should take the first step leaving aside the thoughts you have.

      7. bhavpreet says:

        will try dear … and where is your bro ???

      8. Saloni says:

        Well he is one of the brightest star of the sky. God took him

      9. bhavpreet says:

        i don’t know what to say , may be i have just given you some tears but i am really very sorry.

      10. Saloni says:

        Its fine

  2. Anjali says:

    Best post ever!

    1. Saloni says:

      Because our brother is the best brother 😦

  3. Indded a must read I too miss my Dad

    1. Saloni says:

      Thank you. I am sorry and i know what must have gone through.

  4. I am sorry for your loss Saloni 😦 He’s definitely looking at you from up above & protecting you. Imagining my life without my siblings is difficult. You wrote the post to perfection due to your true love & emotions involved.

    1. Saloni says:

      Thank you darshith. I know he is there : the brightest star

      1. Yes, the brightest of all.

      2. Saloni says:


  5. rehmanjafar says:

    This shocked me a bit.
    I am not very good at handling a loss and that too such a precious one.
    And he knows.

    1. Saloni says:

      You are lucky if u havent gone through this

      1. rehmanjafar says:

        I don’t wish to but you can’t cancel what’s inevitable.

      2. Saloni says:

        True 😦

      3. rehmanjafar says:

        I am truly sorry for your loss,Saloni.

      4. Saloni says:

        Its ok. I couldn’t change it just wish for some more time.

      5. rehmanjafar says:

        Yes indeed,I lost a friend a few years ago. The worst thing I wasn’t here to see him for the last time,we hadn’t talked for months and it all happened. We were in standard 9th then.

      6. Saloni says:

        I know how it feels. I know this feeling. I am sorry too

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