Frames of life

Metallic , wooden or clay 

Square rectangular or some other shape 

Various colours from white to black 

Hold memories 

Hold photos 

 Photo frame 

A simple thing but a great role 

Depicts pictures which fill us with emotions of all kinds 

Photos clicked on Wedding day 

Beach holidays 

First child 


Fill us with joy and happiness 

While the photo frames showing pictures 

Of loved one lost 

Or places gone 

Makes our eyes wet

But some photo frames you want to break 

Because it fills you with anger 


Because it shows

The person who betrayed you 

Or place where some misfortune took place 
All emotions 

Due to one thing 

Photo frame 

Playing significant roles in our lives


This is in response to Darshith‘s Five Days Five Stories challenge. Thank yoi for nominating me. 

The challenge is that you have to post five photos for five consecutive days and write a story on that photo. It can be fiction , non fiction , poem or few lines. Each day nominate a blogger for the same.

I would like to nominate Symphonies


10 Comments Add yours

  1. I would have the emotion of the photo frame with triggers agitation of ones betrayal

    1. Saloni says:

      I want the merry ones.

      1. everyone wants merry ones

      2. Saloni says:


  2. Still it is a very nicely penned Keep it up Saloni 🙂

    1. Saloni says:

      Thank you

  3. You really justify your site name Salorocks by writing Rocking articles 🙂 You are awesome 🙂

    1. Saloni says:

      Thank you but site name was due to some other reason.

      1. Oh 😀 But it shows “openshackles” still in gravatar. If possible, you can change 😀

      2. Saloni says:

        Well Thanks for telling me. Will see to it

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