I live with fears.Frightful fears.

Fear of all kinds,

Fear of loosing someone,

Fear of trusting people,

Fear of exams,

Or fear of failure.

People say I am coward 

Friends say I am too scared 

But they never see the reasons for the existence behind this.

They forget that present was never exclusive of past.

What happened yesterday defines our today.

And what happens today will shape my tomorrow.

So friends,

If I fear to loose someone that is because I already lost someone special.

If I fear to trust that is because I am already betrayed at times.

I fear failure because I am hungry for success.

But I still cannot sit,

And blame my past.

I can work today to get rid of fears tomorrow.

So friends next time,

If you find a scared friend of yourself 

Don’t judge but help,

Help them to work today to save their tomorrow. 


4 Comments Add yours

  1. i adore you and your writing, but don’t split life between fear, trust and success, everything is interconnected, fear is just a distraction by evil energies around you to stop you from doing something important and right so at that moment you need to grab your energies back and stop wasting it against evil fears, trusting fear is another fear by evil which circulates only when it comes to trusting the right person, you will not have fear circulating around you when it comes to trusting wrong people, your life will be a proof of that, and final thing is success which is within you, you just need to explore the levels of it inside you, the higher levels you reach within, larger the reflection of you, gets outside. So don’t fight with any fears, they come to conquer you, instead you need to conquer them. Keep your energies restored, else using it against the fears, will make you sleep 🙂
    In my eyes you are successful… u just need to grab the feel of it which you might be ignoring.
    I adore you….

    1. Saloni says:

      Thank you so much. Your words really gave me solution to get rid of them. Thanks again. ☺️

  2. Khatro K Khiladi? haha

    Seriously though everyone has fears, everyone sweats and trembles. Not freezing when confronted with your fears is not easy but needs to be done.

    SO DO IT.

    1. Saloni says:

      Yeah sure

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