The Light

When the room is plenteous dark,
There isn’t any hope for light.
When all you do is cry,
And no tissue to wipe it out.
When all you bear is pain,
With no moment for joy.
When all you faced is betrayal
And there is no one to trust.

But in some time

There will be a bright light to vanish the darkness,
There will be hands to wipe the teardrops of your face,
Surprises will be planned to let you feel the joy and happiness,
And there will be a person to love and trust.

So next time if you are in dark alone,
Don’t waste your tears for person who pushed you in dark,
But wait for the person who will be the light,
Because that’s the person you have to hold on to,
Nobody else matters..



4 Comments Add yours

  1. very true, nothing else matters!!

  2. Serid says:

    Well Said!

    #Romantic_betrayal is painful.

    Make yourself VIP of your life. But do not consider yourself more important than anyone else.
    ‪#‎Be_humble‬ ‪#‎Buoyancy_works‬
    Archimedes principle can be applied to stature :
    If your Ego is less, you become light. Lighter you are, higher you will rise. 🙂

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