God’s Gift

I remember how I survived here,
Facing beatings and abuses of all kind,
No one to care,
No one to love,
Oh! Why did I exist.

When darkness surrounded me,
With no hope and no light,
When I lost faith in God,
Life gave me its surprises.

Life gave me hope,
God gave me gift,
Gift to sparkle the dark night with crackers,
Gift to wipe all tears without tissue.

Gift was my baby,
All the months when you were in my womb,
It was pleasure to feel you moving,
It was lifetime opportunity to nurture you.

When you first cried,
I smiled because you finally came,
To vanish all my pain,
And just bring happiness and joy.

When I first took you in my arms,
I felt goosebumps,
Because of your electric vibrant touch,
Which will heal the scars left of violence.

When I first saw you look at me,
Those big eyes staring me,
Made me realised my responsibility,
To save you from what I have been through.

Now you are here hugging,
Your mommy  and smiling,
Time flies past so fast,
In taking care of you that I forget everything.

Now I just wait for the day
When you would come to me
Hug me tight and say,



8 Comments Add yours

  1. bhavpreet says:

    this is so touching … beautifully written .. when is your book coming ??

    1. Saloni says:

      Hahaha, well for that I have to start writing a novel.

      1. Saloni says:

        Wish it was so easy.

      2. bhavpreet says:

        don’t worry i will help you out .. 🙂

      3. Saloni says:


  2. The best post till date, so amazingly beautiful … you are a spirited writer from heart

    1. Saloni says:

      Thank you so much. You made my day

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