A Gift

Dear Santa
Christmas is finally here and so my list of gifts,
If you consider me in your good list,
Please fulfill my desires..

This Christmas Mr. Claus
I won’t ask for expensive gifts,
Gifts of clothes,toys or gadgets,
But gifts everyone desires on this world,
But something nobody asks for.

I would like you to give me a gift,
Gift of being safe and secure.
Safe in my own land,
In my own home.
Where nobody has the courage or dare
To touch or harm the daughters of the nation.
Where the punishment of this crime is so cruel and painful,
That rapes,harassment vanish for forever.

I would like you to give me a gift,
Gift of freedom.
Freedom to break the barriers confining me,
Freedom to destroy the wall of restrictions,
So that I can follow my own voice,
Do what my heart wants,
Lead my life in my own way,
So that I can achieve what I desire.

I would like to ask you for a gift,
Gift of equality.
Equality among different genders,
Equality among different castes,
And equality among different religions.
With no superior and no inferior,
So everyone has equal opportunity to follow their dream and do what they want to.

I would like to ask you for a gift,
Gift of honesty and truth.
Honesty among politicians to ban corruption,
Honesty among media to say the truth always,
Honesty among police to catch the true criminals,
And honesty among people to remove their masks,
Masks which hide the real person.
So that everyone can say and feel what’s true no matter how bitter.

I would like to ask you for a gift,
Gift of destroying selfishness.
Selfishness of people which blinds them,
Towards harm they do to satisfy their own needs,
Harm towards environment and fellow beings.
Destroying this attitude will remove that blind,
Blind which obstructs the good of this world.

I would like to ask you for a final gift,
Final gift of love and peace,
Peace among different nations,
And love among all people of this earth.
To live in peace, happiness and love
Rather than living with violence, hatred and enmity.
To live in harmony with all,
To make this Earth, our world,
A Better Place To Live In…..


Merry Christmas in advance 🙂


8 Comments Add yours

  1. colinandray says:

    Amen! Have a wonderful time over the Christmas Holidays, and may all your wishes come to be in the New Year. 🙂

    1. Saloni says:

      Thanks. Merry Christmas. Hope you also have an amazing year ahead.

  2. This would would be the first wish which is asking betterment of everyone and not just one. This shows how beautiful you are and how beautiful you want the world to be, this is amazingly portrayed in your writing…. Beautiful Christmas present for all, Amen!! Great 😊😊😊

    1. Saloni says:

      Thanks. This wish is just to make thus place better. Thanks for your appreciating words. Merry Christmas

  3. Oh sorry I just saw your painting, it’s like damn good creativity, so out of the world thought. The passion is coming out in the form of the art… True beauty lies here… In this painting and ofcourse u!!

    1. Saloni says:

      Thanks again for your beautiful words. 🙂 made my Christmas 🙂

    1. Saloni says:

      Thanks 🙂

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