Story Of Struggle

This is a story that many girls face in our country, in our world. This is just to tell girls to stand up and fight and boys to stop with these crimes…

Here is a story of a girl,
Who all her life faced struggles from many,
But the reason behind struggle is one
That she is a girl..

” I am a girl and my presence was possible,
Just because of my mother.
My father wanted a boy,
A boy who will be his heir,
But when he came to know about me,
He tried to get rid of me but saved by mother.
He never loved me as his own,
He never let me do things he would, have made his son do.
I was just destined for work in kitchen,
Work in house,
The world beyond the window,
Was a beautiful mystery yet to unfold.

My intense curiosity and yearning,
Made my mother wipe her tears,
She fought with dad to let me grow,
But what grew was scars of beatings,
The bleeding wounds and the cruel
And if I stopped him,
I suffered the same.

Slowly my curiosity died ,
As my hope of free life.
The beautiful tales with happy ending,
Seemed like illusion ,
Illusion which tempted me to believe in joyful life,
While in reality there was none.

But my story doesn’t end here ,
There is a day which gave end to my story.
The day of torture.
I was in my home weeping the last set of tears left ,
Someone came,
Before I could see or react,
My clothes were ripped ,
Nd all torture began ,
He was my father’s brother.

Everything ended that day ,
I couldn’t find hope and faith ,
And I did something ,
Something which would make my father happy ,
And I took away my life.
To be in peace rather than be in torture.”


Is this why people crave for sons?
For they can be sent out and have fun,
So they can beat their wife,
And kill their daughters,
So that they can touch any girl without their permission.
Is there any reason why girls are destined for this??
Don’t they have their own life,
Own dreams own emotions.
Many girls take this step,
All they want is hope and faith,
Can’t we give them that ?
Tell me can’t we give them what they deserve ??


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  1. colinandray says:

    A very profound “story” Saloni. How I wish I could wave a magic wand and right those wrongs. How I wish that girls/woman were given the opportunities to express themselves as they have so much to offer. How I wish that men could see a woman as just another person with her own goals and dreams. Fortunately, I live in a country which is visibly moving in the direction of true equality, but so many other countries??????? How I wish! Take care Saloni.

    1. Saloni says:

      We all wish but sometimes magic is not enough. Sometimes it’s hope and faith which is required. Yes many countries are moving in this direction but this is real time situation you would find in these countries too. There have been such cases in many countries too.

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