It Is On You


The world is full of people ,
And these people ,
Whether known or not,
Play a vital role in our lives.
Positive or negative?
For me depends on individual,
For society it depends on people,

But HOW?

Ask a person with disability..
How people say cruel things behind their back,
How insensitive people tease them,
Leading to their confinement at one place,
Where they fear to look themselves in mirror,
And put all their happiness, joy,interests at stake .
Just to avoid people!

Ask a girl who is victim of harassment,
How society secludes them,
Judge the character of the girl,
For the fault that wasn’t hers.
Leading her to hide herself and creating walls,
Walls which will never let anyone come and understand her,
Walls which deprives her of wearing what she wants,
Just to avoid her character judgement.

This is one in many examples,
How people affect their lives due to society,
But I want to put my point that is :

Society will always say ,
Will always judge,
But will you put all your happiness
All your desires at stake ?
Just to avoid them ?
How society affects us depends on us
It’s our choice to fight or flight.
You choose,
You decide,
Either the happiness
Or confinement …


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