Fairytale Marriage

Marriage is the most beautiful moment on life,
Perhaps the best.
Where two people take vows to be together,
To hold each other’s back all the time,
To understand and love each other as the way they are.
To celebrate the joy of success together,
And to share and fight the moments of failure.
To encourage and appreciate positive quality,
And help to overcome the weaknesses.
Marriage is all about being together.

For me marriage means a lot more.

Marriage for me is fairytale,
Where I am the Cinderella and he is my Prince Charming.
Who loves me for my beauty and not because of my status or suffering.
Making me escape my home of grief, hatred, violence and loneliness
To a castle of love,freedom, happiness and joy.

I look at my reflection in mirror,
The unfamiliar me.
From plain face to face with make up,
From normal attire to heavy attire and precious jewels,
From sad girl to a bright happy women.
Feeling like a Queen,
Entering fairyland.

As time comes for me to face the rituals,
My whole body shivers with excitement and nervousness.
Thinking about new place, new home, new people,
And a prince who will treat me as his princess,
And love me like nobody else loved.

Because marriage is about joining that lovable person forever and ever….



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