No complaints, No Demands

I sleep when our baby sleeps,
Whether it’s two or four in the morning,
I cuddle the baby in another room,
So that her cries don’t ruin your sleep.

I wake up an hour before you wake up,
Whether I had only two or three hours of sleep,
Preparing breakfast in sleepy state,
So you have a healthy start and good day.

I wash your clothes and iron them,
Whether I am tired or weak,
Get your clothes ready for your meetings,
So your meetings are wonderful and positive.

I prepare the dinner of your choice,
Whether you have eaten with your friends or not,
Waiting till you come late at night,
So that all your demands and needs are fulfilled for the day.

I do this and I do that.
Never asking for what you did,
Never complaining about what I don’t have,
Never argued for what I disliked,
Never cribbing nor demanding.

All I wanted was little time and love,
Love which made me do all what you  wanted,
Love from you to fill me with happiness and togetherness,
Love from you which kept me going.

But all I got was,
Ignorance for sacrifices I did,
Beatings for not completing a thing on time,
Harsh words for asking about your day at work.

You returned my love,
In wounds of blood and pain,
In wounds of grief and loneliness,
Destroying all I felt and all I thought.

But I know one thing for sure,
That I am at loss
For never getting back the love I gave,
But the major loss is of your my husband,
Because you never valued the woman who loved you the most.



25 Comments Add yours

  1. adhi2001 says:

    Amazingly penned. This reflects a whole lot of truth in it. The poor homemakers who never get their due respect. In spite of breaking their backbone doing strenuous works, they are still irked and screamed at. This poem is definitely a masterpiece 🙂

    1. Saloni says:

      Thank you so much for your words. I wish they get the respect they deserve 🙂

      1. adhi2001 says:

        My pleasure.
        Feel free to visit my space too 🙂

      2. Saloni says:

        Sure 😉

      3. adhi2001 says:


  2. Dedicated to all the womenhood, if all them read it, they will definitely adopt you as a daughter. Only an understanding daughter can understand the pain and this process of life. Amazing.. Touching the ignored chords of pain.

    1. Saloni says:

      I wish there would be no suffering like this for women who gives her full heart and soul to her loved ones. Thank you for your appreciating words and giving me honour of being the daughter of such hardworking and selfless women.

  3. anoushkasixteen says:

    And the fact that household work is not counted in GDP under the pretext of “unavailability of statistical data.” That is a underestimating the hard work put into household chores.

  4. Vester Miles says:

    Whoa…Astonishing I lost myself for a moment there 😮

    1. Saloni says:

      Thanks 🙂

  5. Akashh says:

    Fabulous, touched 🎈

  6. I have written on Domestic violence too and have read your previous posts on this. This one is great and I sincerely hope it’s all fictional. Take care 🙂

    1. Saloni says:

      I wish it could be fictional but I have seen women suffer like this 😦

      1. That I have also seen. But has the frequency of such sights decreased?

      2. Saloni says:

        Well I can’t say.. For me it’s still the same 😦

      3. Are you trying to make things better? Do you want any help?

      4. Saloni says:

        It’s not on me. I dont know what can I do or will do. Clueless

      5. It’s good to not know/plan anything beforehand. Being spontaneous is good. If you want any help, you should know that I am here. I have been through this and sharing is all we can do to make things better 🙂

      6. Saloni says:

        I know 🙂 thanks

  7. shambhavi31 says:

    This is a masterpiece! Unsaid strangled emotions of abandonment. To make someone feel undeserved and taking him or her for granted is very sad.

    1. Saloni says:

      Thanks. Your words mean a lot 🙂

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