Little Demands

Never she demanded diamonds,
Or fancy wardrobe,
Neither a magnificent palace,
Nor gifts on every occasion.

All she desired from him
Was his precious time,
Unending passion,
And acceptance as she was.

She was little crazy,
Maybe too hyper,
With a little understanding
But with pure love.

But she was who she was,
Never feared to be herself,
She expected just one thing from him

That she couldn’t take anger,
Nor slight argument,

To make her realise mistakes,
Tell where she was wrong
But with patience not outburst.

Weak heart she has,
Intolerant to loud voice,
All she wants is small step,

Which would make her world
More happier and better.
Which would make her love
More stronger.
Strongest to face all battles
during the day,
And still be together
As the darkness swept.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. I person will surely realise the mistake if he/she reads it…

    1. Saloni says:

      Hopefully 🙂

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