Shattered Love

For me,
Our love was everything,
Happiness and peace,
Hope for better future,
Escape from the present torture.

I gave my heart and soul,
To build the concrete wall,
Stronger than any force ,
For our love to grow and grow.

But where I made a mistake,
I don’t know,
Because our love did not turn ,
Out to be the great wall,
But glass weak and fragile.

Like glass it was,
Transparency of thoughts and views,
But fragility of emotions,
Weak and thin strength it had,
All hopes shattered.

You came and broke this glass,
When you felt like.
Vanish away time to time,
To save yourself from the pieces,
While I was there joining the pieces
Getting wounded by the shatters,
Just to save our love.

You came back when it was mended,
Apologised to win me back,
I was in blind love with you,
And accepted these fake apologies,
Without noticing the cracks on the glass.

The cracks grew bigger,
My wounds deeper,
The blindness of love now fading away,
Making me see harsh reality,
The realisation dawned,
That our love was no longer ours ,
But was only my love for you,
Because your love for me died the day, when you broke the glass ,
For the very first time ,
And never came back to mend it.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Stars of Life says:

    I don’t like love stories with sad endings! 😦 They’re full of pain and hurt. But, they way you expressed, was amazing and well written! 🙂

    1. Saloni says:

      Sometimes pain is the bitter truth. Thank you for your appreciating words 🙂

  2. mcnerneyblog says:

    Very well written!

    1. Saloni says:

      Thank you 😉

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