Every night , I dream.

I Dream
About your brown beautiful eyes,
Gazing at me full of affection,
Saying million romantic words with just a glance.

I Dream
About me wrapped in your arms,
Most secure place on the place,
Where no one , where nothing can harm me.

I Dream
Spending all my rest of life with you
With happiness and joy is all what one can find,
Hatred and anger has no place.

I Dream
To sleep with you at night ,
And wake up with you beside me ,
Because you make my nights and mornings magical.

Now I open my eyes,
Finding you beside me,
With your arms around me,
And your eyes gazing mine,
Everyday I dream,
And I wake up with that dream becoming a reality.

This goes on,
Life couldn’t be happier,

Until one day,

I lost it all.

Because I lost you.

Every dream, every second of reality
Crushed into million pieces,
Pieces I cannot join again,
No matter how much I try.

I don’t dare to close my eyes,
Because I am afraid to see the dream,
The dream which is not real anymore,
Which is gone away far far far away.

Now my eyes search for your eyes
But all I find is darkness and tears.
My soul searches for your arms,
But all I find is loneliness and pain.
My sleep searches for you,
But all I find is pain and dark circles.

Just one mistake

All is ruined

All is gone


And all I can do is repent…



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rashmi Bhura says:

    very nice, and very deep

    1. Saloni says:

      Thanks a lot 🙂

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