The Strongest

Look at those eyes,
What do they say?
Is it happiness or grief?
What do you see?

I see watery eyes,
Eyes full of pain.
Wondering what the reason is..

Is it because she fought with her best friend
Or because her nail chipped off
Or maybe she didn’t get the dress she wanted for so long..

But there are more harsh reasons,
Which can make her cry.

Maybe she is facing restrictions of all kind,
Hope of freedom fading away,
Shackled by the norms some society set,
The wall around her getting higher and higher.

Maybe someone molested her,
Because of the dress she wore,
With her aim to be comfortable and not to attract,
Locked her in terror she can never forget.

Maybe someone ridiculed her,
As she was bold and smart,
Couldn’t see a girl being superior,
Jealousy of others tore her apart.

Maybe her care was misjudged as her duty,
As she sacrificed her dreams for her family,
Fulfilled others desires in return for love,
But in end her list of WANs was just left unseen.

Girls cry, girls moan

Not because they are drama queens
But because they have the courage,
Courage to express their emotions freely,

Girls cry, they break down

Not because they are weak,
But because they are pure, delicate and sensitive,
Which should be taken care of.

They work hard for your dreams,
Not because they don’t have dreams of their own,
But because they keep you before them,
And that’s where they must have gone wrong.

Girls are bravest,
The strongest lioness,
The courageous queens,
Don’t disrespect, Don’t insult them
Because when they care,
They are most lovable and pure,
But when they are broken
They emerge as the strongest of all.
The strongest of all.


(After a long time, some words and some artwork from me.. )


4 Comments Add yours

  1. i am grateful to read such a blog… got to know the inner quest in the most simlest way i could possibly imagine..

    1. Saloni says:

      Thanks a lot 😀

  2. Anjali Agrawal says:

    Great words girl

    1. Saloni says:

      Thanks 🙂

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