Give And Take 

​The aeroplane flies high above the clouds,

Where you see the miniature buildings as you take off,

But with time all you see is the heavenly sky,

Picturesque formation of clouds,

No people, nothing at all.

But why I am telling you this? 

You will know …

The train goes fast ,

Trees, people, houses just pass,

Just a glance you can see of those,

And this glace is forgotten as soon as it goes.

But why I am telling you this? 

You will know …

You go in a car,

You are slower now,

You see the people outside,

The beggars begging on stop lights

You see accidents,

You remember some,

You forget the rest.
But why I am telling you this?

You will know … 
Now you go on walking,

You see everything in great detail,

The things vendors sell,

The students hanging out after college,

The gardens of others houses,

The weather around. 

But why I am telling you this?

You will know now

The people sitting in aeroplane,

Are the elite of our society.

Who are blind towards the people and its problems,

They prefer the extravagant luxurious life,

But fail to spend this extra money on people who need it. 

The people sitting in train are the rich,
Who just take a glimpse of problems faced by others,

They are busy making money,

Thus just see and forget ,

Not considering or remembering,

The miseries of its fellow citizens.

The people driving the car,

Have both the helpful and the ignorant.

Some read in newspapers,

Show sympathy but do nothing. 

While some help the way they can,

They understand, they remember,

They donate, they care.

But very few of many.

The people walking see the real struggle,

They see hardships faces by beggars without food and shelter,

They see how small kids work instead of studying,

They feel others pain,

They feel others grief,

And they heal the wounds with their efforts. 

Money is temporary,

Blessings and happiness aren’t,

You may be ignorant today,

But you cannot be sure of tomorrow,

If you have much, share it

Because the more you share, the more you gain. 

Love and happiness cannot be bought,

It can only be shared. 

So share it and see,

That whatever you will do will come back to you


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow, it looked like a casual start. On Sailing each line forward rendered the real meaning of it.

    1. Saloni says:

      Thanks. It means a lot 🙂

    1. Saloni says:


  2. Jo Smith says:

    I loved the message that you tried to say! I also love your blog. Could you take a look at mine?

    1. Saloni💖 says:

      Thanks a lot. Will surely check your blog

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