If Only You Could See

​Her eyes are like ocean deep,

Waiting for you to dive in. 

Her smile is like lightning bolt,

Waiting for your darkness to see her light. 

Her voice is like melodious song,

Waiting for you to plug in your earphones and hear it. 

Her arms are like those clouds,

Waiting to handle your burden of rains and not let them drop.

Her walk is like a tortoise,

Waiting for you to observe her beauty. 

Her heart is like a diamond,

Waiting for you to keep it safe with you. 

Her love for you is like giant falls,

Waiting to pour your river with boundless love with energy of trust and understanding. 

You are busy swimming in river while ocean awaits,
Getting tanned in sun while darkness with light waits,

Listening to popular meaningless hits where melody is lost,

Dropping like heavy rains while clouds are there to help you out,

Running after cheetah which you won’t be able to catch,

Cherishing gold which will loose its shine,

And loving those rivers which dry during summer. 

If only you could see,

If only you could see,

What you are missing out on

What awaits is lot more better than what you have,

What awaits is lot more than what you deserve.

If only you could see,

The love she has for you,

Is something others crave for.

If only you could open your blindfold,

And not be part of the system

And see what awaits for you. 




6 Comments Add yours

  1. the bestest blog i have ever gone through!!! is all i can say…

    1. Saloni💖 says:

      Thanks. You said a lot 🙂

  2. rahul says:

    i simply love it.

    1. Saloni💖 says:

      Thanks. 😀

    1. Saloni💖 says:


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