​I know my friend ,

Life is that super fast train,
With hundreds of travellers ,
Where you have to struggle,
To get out on your desired platform .

I know my friend,
That for survival you must strive,
Run past many people,
Not caring about anyone but you,
To reach the finish line.

I know my friend ,
Life is difficult and unfair,
And even if you climbed the mountain early,
There are people who have already reached the peak,
Because many are better than you,
And you to accept that.

I know my friend
The competition
The rat race
The hustle bustle

But you have to take a moment and Relax!!!

Relax your mind,
Relax your  body ,
Relax your  thoughts.

Hold on and look behind,
How many lives you hurt?
How many moments of happiness you left?
How many beautiful things you ran past

What if you would have chosen
To stop and cherish the moments gone?
To relax and be peaceful?
To look back and see how far you have come?

Maybe your life would be more peaceful,
More happier than it is now,
Maybe you would have valued it more,
Maybe if you would have enjoyed ,
You would have been little late for the desired destination,
And few more will be added on who all already reached.

My friend,
Your life is your journey,
Don’t look at others tours,
But yours,
Because you have no duplicates.

So my friend,
Hold on!

Because sometimes stopping will give you a successful finish.. 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. akansha1602 says:

    Amazing! Loved reading it.

    1. Saloni💖 says:


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