Not a word from your mouth dear
Not a word
To whom will you tell about this?
Your mother? What can she do about it
Your brother? Isn’t he too young for that
Your father? Oh that’s me “

With this reverberating laughter,
A strong hand on my mouth,
To stop the shrieks .
A strong hand on my legs ,
To stop the kicking.

I dare to look in his eyes,
To find some reason behind this,
To find that love ,
To find that trust,
But all they reflected was evil and lust. 

And he started,
That touch so repellant,
The pain unbearable,
Those perverse vibrations,
Damaging my soul

“That’s love for you my dear girl,
You little beauty,
You will get more as you grow,
But remember ,
This is our little secret !”

He went away ,
He might have
Stopped the cries and the shrieks,
But started a raging storm inside.
Ripped not only my clothes,
But my virtue inside.

I lay there still,
Wishing it to be a nightmare,
With trust and respect shattered ,
With darkness surrounding me ,
Light of hope gone.
The memories of happy childhood seems like a fantasy ,
The tales of happily ever after now seems to be a lie.

Because life isn’t what we believe it is,
Life is what we can never imagine.

( Using my facial expressions to convey my words for the first time and it’s FICTIONAL)


6 Comments Add yours

  1. I gotta ask, ‘Tell me it’s fictional?’ The expressions on your face are so fearful.

    1. Saloni💖 says:

      Yes it is fictional

      1. It’s good to know. Hope you’re having a good time at college.

      2. Saloni💖 says:

        Yes.. .

    1. Saloni💖 says:


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